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Payment Delay

Hello Everyone,

We would like to inform you that there will be a one-week payment delay for all PP payment requests as we are waiting for few funds which hasn't arrived yet. All the PP payout request received from 25th Oct will be processed with in few days. If you want to avoid the payout delay, then please update your account with alternate payment info (like WMZ,Payza etc) asap.

If you have any questions please feel free to use the "Contact Us" form.

Note: Please don't post reply like " I didn't received money I am waiting from last 7 days etc.". We do have the user list with us and we already know how many users haven't received the payment yet. We already cleared up that we are facing some issues at the moment and trying our best to reduce the waiting time. the previous PP payment was sent to users who waited more than 10 days. We couldn't cover all the payments because of limited availability of PP funds. If you can't wait few more days simply update your account with alternate Payout modes like LR,WMZ,Payza.

Updates (2012-11-07) :-

All pending payouts processed. Next payment batch will be on next Thursday ( 15th Nov 2012).

Imageporter Team